Study on Actuality and Strategy of Land Fragmentation in Middle China Based on GIS


Land fragmentation is a phenomenon that has long been acknowledged as an intractable challenge faced by the agricultural industry. More specifically, its presence essentially affects the productivity and efficiency of the agricultural activities involved. With no doubt, by reducing the degree to which the farmland has fragmented, a higher yield would be possible, which indeed would accelerate the building of the 'socialist new village'. On the technical side of this research, all information such as the number of the fragments and their respective area or the total area of the sample village is obtained by analyzing the edited and vectorized pictures with GIS spatial analysis. Thus, a series of graphs are extrapolated from the data collected, and these further solidate the conclusions on the current distribution of land fragmentation within that area. Also, this research discusses the relationship between land fragmentation and the resultant fluctuation of household incomes and attempts to give feasible solutions based on the status quo.


2 Figures and Tables

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