A Proposal of Relaying Data in Aeronautical Communication for Oceanic Flight Routes Employing Mobile Ad-Hoc Network


This paper proposes a reliable system to overcome the weakness of current HF radio communication system for oceanic aeronautical flight routes. This system uses only one aeronautical VHF channel with air-to-air radio relay system based on local mobile Ad-hoc networks. For access of all aircrafts in the system, a TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) scheme is proposed to be used where each aircraft is assigned with one time slot during its presence in the system in order to transmit its own packet by itself or to be relayed its packets by neighbor aircrafts. These packets contain aircraft position, ID, relative direction and all of which are used to build a routing table at each aircraft. In addition, several algorithms for relaying packets and a scheme to reduce the packet-loss-ratio have been proposed. This system strengthens the reliability of oceanic aeronautical communication and increases situational awareness of all oceanic flights as an effective solution to operate more flights on the oceans but in higher safety.


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