CHET: a system for checking dynamic specifications

  • Steven P. Reiss
  • Published 2004 in Proceedings. 19th International Conference on Automated Software Engineering, 2004.


Software specifications describe how code is supposed to behave. Software model-checking and related activities statically investigate software behavior to ensure that it meets a particular specification. We have developed a tool, CHET, that uses model-checking techniques to do large-scale checking of dynamic specifications in real systems. The tool uses a finite state specification of the properties to check in terms of abstract events. It first finds all instances in the system where this specification is applicable. For each such instance, it creates an abstract model of the software with respect to the events and then checks this model against the specification. Key aspects of CHET include a full inter procedural flow analysis to identify instances of the specifications and restrict the resultant models, and greatly simplified abstract programs that are easily checked. The system has been used to check a variety of specifications in moderate-sized Java programs.


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