[Ophthalmologic and psychophysiologic changes in patients in long-term dialysis treatment].


In 14 patients (7 men and 7 women), mean age 48 and 50 years resp. with chronic renal failure, having regular dialyzation treatment for more than 10 years (2 patients more than 20 years) the authors made ophthalmological and psychophysiological examinations in order to assess complications after prolonged dialysis. In three patients dialysis was discontinued while a graft was functional. In addition to known complications, calcification of the conjunctiva, osmotic cataract and retinal changes and changes of the optic disc the authors detected also changes of the visual field, contrast sensitivity and colour differentiation. They revealed changes of contrast differentiation in all spatial frequencies with a maximum in medium and upper frequencies. They revealed in more than 60% disorders of colour differentiation with a maximum in the blue-yellow and blue area of the spectrum. Ophthalmic complications the frequency of which is declining only rare by endanger the function of the eye.


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